Remembering the Beatles – 50 Years later

Remembering the Beatles – 50 Years later

Michael Yarber was a military man, so he’s used to going where the action is. That’s why he drove five hours from his suburban home near Nashville, Tenn., to be at the Indiana State Fairgrounds on September 3, 2014. The fairgrounds is where the action is… rather, where it was – 50 years ago!

Michael was a mere 11 years old when he visited the Indiana State Fair Sept. 3, 1964 with his two brothers, James and Bill. James had secured three precious tickets to the second of two Beatles performances that day at the Indiana State Fair. Over the years, much has been made of the Beatles’ only Indiana appearance, and the Yarber brothers’ decision to ‘Come Together’ to remember this bonding experience from their youth is a great example of the powerful memories made that day a half century ago.


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