Mr. Noobie on the Midway

Mr. Noobie on the Midway

Perspective is everything.

From the ground, those spinning, twisting, turning, whizzing rides on the midway look like a lot of fun… and they are. But there’s a different feeling when you’re perched at the top of a 130-foot drop tower (Mega Drop) or toppling heels-over-head with more than 3 G’s of force keeping you locked into position (Speed/Mach3). Anticipation, anxiety and nausea suddenly become the prevailing feelings.

Not everyone finds enjoyment in that, but we all find enjoyment in watching someone else experiencing that, which is where Mr. Noobie comes in. Mr. Noobie, aka Patric Welch, is an Indianapolis tech blogger who just happened to be looking for new adventures with his Verizon GoPro Hero+3 camera, so we sent him to the midway.

The State Fair midway, provided by industry leader North American Midway Entertainment, offers more than 40 rides that run the entire spectrum of the thrill scale. We could have asked him to check out the Merry Go Round and Ferris Wheel and call it a day, but what fun would that be? We wanted to watch him drop, spin, twist and turn on the big boys of the midway.

Here’s how it went…


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