It’s Back! – The Indiana State Fair Signature Food Contest’s Back! – The Indiana State Fair Signature Food Contest

For many Hoosiers, the Indiana State Fair is all about the food. Whether it’s the traditional items or the new creations that pop up each year, fairgoers love our famous fair food. We have over a hundred vendors offering fair favorites like lemon shake-ups, elephant ears, deep-fried Twinkies and much more! This year’s food selection has five more unique offerings thanks to this year’s Signature Food contest.

In honor of the “Year of the Coliseum,” the Signature Food contest featured five Reconstructed/Deconstructed food items. The contest is a chance for vendors to showcase their “renovated” fair-favorite recipe to tie into the single largest renovation project in the State Fairgrounds’ history.

Six panelists sampled the five new foods and offered their insights, which have been posted on The panelists include:

  1. Alyssa Garnett, Indiana State Fair Queen
  2.  Jason Gardner, IUPUI Men’s Basketball Head Coach
  3. Greg Browning, 104.5 WJJK
  4. Nikki, 104.5 WJJK
  5.  Kevin Freeman, 95.5 WFMS
  6.  Jolene Ketzenberger, Founder & Editor,

Now it’s up to Hoosiers to select which creation will become this year’s signature food. Voting takes place here. All five renovated recipes will be available at the Indiana State Fair August 1 -17.



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