Flip through the history of the Coliseum

Flip through the history of the Coliseum

Each summer, I always come to the state fair with my family. I grew up in Fishers, only a short ride from the fairgrounds, but I never realized just how much Hoosier history happened here. This year the Indiana State Fair is celebrating some of its greatest historical moments by honoring the building where many of them happened, the Fairgrounds Coliseum. This iconic Indiana building can be recognized by all Hoosiers. After an 18-month, $63 million Coliseum Complex renovation, it’s time to celebrate this historic landmark by honoring it with “Year of” status.

I learned so much about the Coliseum while designing the layout for the new 92-page digital flip book that chronicles the building’s 75-year history. As an intern, I never expected to be responsible for such a large project. I was nervous but excited to work on the book’s layout because it would display and honor this building’s importance in Indiana.

The digital flip book highlights events like the construction of the 1907 Coliseum, its demolition and the construction of the 1939 Coliseum as well as livestock shows, the only Beatles concert held in Indiana and other renovation details. The digital flip book is free and can be found on the state fair website at http://bit.ly/1o0a7Nv. I hope you enjoying flipping through it as much as I did helping to make it!


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