Featured Farmers: Hammelman Family

The Indiana State Fair is the greatest showcase of the past, present and future of Hoosier agriculture and the Indiana State Fair – Celebrating Indiana’s Bicentennial which proudly dedicates your Great Indiana State Fair to Indiana’s history and heritage over the past 200 years.  

To honor and celebrate those who have committed their lives to innovation in agriculture, each day of the 17-day Fair will highlight a different farmer/farm family who has been awarded with a Hoosier Homestead Award. These farmers, who were selected in collaboration with Indiana agriculture stakeholders, will be featured on daily highlight sheets for the Fair as well as participate in various events and exhibits all around the Fair.   

We wanted to take the time to highlight these farmers and share a bit more about what makes them love agriculture. Take a moment to meet the Featured Farmer that will be at the Indiana State Fair on August 20th.

Photo Matt Griffith  Randy Hammelman with wife Ramona along with children Rylee, left, baby Ryplee, Reeva, right, with Reegan and Reece.

Photo Matt Griffith Randy Hammelman with wife Ramona along with children Rylee, left, baby Ryplee, Reeva, right, with Reegan and Reece.

  • Randy Hammelman; Linda Hammelman
  • Centennial Hoosier Homestead Award
  • Mainly operate on a no-till farming technique
  • Operation grows corn, soybeans, wheat and raises 4-H pigs and beef cattle
  • Focused on teamwork, commitment and effort

Farming and basketball are two things that are true to the state of Indiana and true to the Hammelman Family.

Randy and Ramona Hammelman grew up excelling in sports which lead to becoming coaches. This passion for sports was passed down to their five children as well. Rylee, Reeva, Reece, Reegan and Ryplee; whether it’s learning to crawl or playing basketball, these five wear the title ‘athlete.’

Randy grew a strong appreciation for being able to participate in sports while growing up and wants to give his children that same opportunity.

“A lot of different networking avenues open up through athletics,” said Randy. “I’ve met a lot of people through running, softball and basketball that I probably would not have met otherwise.”

The farm’s original owner, Heinreich Hammelman emigrated from Brennan, Germany in 1864. Starting with 40 acres, Randy’s grandfather expanded it to 100 acres before passing the land onto his son, Ronnie, soon after getting married to Linda. With the passing of the land, each generation has improved and expanded Hammelman Farms in some capacity.

“My dad never pushed me to be a farmer. It was never a requirement, but he told me farming was a good life, because it allows you to be home with your family,” Randy said. “We are all pretty easy-going, but we are a hard-working family and we lean on each other to operate the farm successfully.”

Randy gives credit to John Brocksmith, Donnie Gilmore and his mom, Linda Hammelman, for the successes of the farm.

“I couldn’t do it without them. Both of those guys help me make our farm successful,” said Randy. “Mom is the backbone of the farm, always bringing out lunch and driving us from field to field, I also give a lot of the credit to my dad for expanding the farm. I wouldn’t be here without what he did and what he accomplished. My dad was a hard-working man, and I always considered him the best farmer around. He was my dad, and he became my best friend. I appreciate the opportunity I was given to work with him every day.”


Randy, Ramona and their family will be at the Indiana State Fair on August 20th, and they will be featured in a Live Chat at 2:30 p.m. in the Glass Barn presented by Indiana Soybean Farmers and will attend the evening parade at 6:30 p.m.

Come join us at the fair to celebrate with and congratulate the Hammelman’s on their hard work and dedication to Indiana Agriculture!



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