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The Indiana State Fair is the greatest showcase of the past, present and future of Hoosier agriculture and the Indiana State Fair – Celebrating Indiana’s Bicentennial which proudly dedicates your Great Indiana State Fair to Indiana’s history and heritage over the past 200 years.  

To honor and celebrate those who have committed their lives to innovation in agriculture, each day of the 17-day Fair will highlight a different farmer/farm family who has been awarded with a Hoosier Homestead Award. These farmers, who were selected in collaboration with Indiana agriculture stakeholders, will be featured on daily highlight sheets for the Fair as well as participate in various events and exhibits all around the Fair.   

We wanted to take the time to highlight these farmers and share a bit more about what makes them love agriculture. Take a moment to meet the Featured Farmer that will be at the Indiana State Fair on August 17th.

Tom, Lucas, Eden, Dana and kerry Dull_EDIT

  • Tom and Kerry Dull; Lucas and Dana Dull
  • Centennial Hoosier Homestead Award
  • They love the diversification that they bring to the agriculture industry
  • Operation grows corn, soybeans, Christmas trees, pumpkins
  • Focused on educating consumers about the value of agriculture through agritourism

Christmas and Halloween are always on the mind for Tom and Kerry Dull, owners of Dull’s Tree Farm and Dull’s Pumpkin Harvest Farm. Located in the Thorntown, Indiana, the Dull’s grow common crops such as corn and soybeans, but decided to expand their operation by adding Christmas trees and pumpkins. This led to an easy transition into agritourism which has become an important aspect to their operation.

“We’re trying to be that farm where folks can get their feet in the dirt, interact with animals, and learn what we, as farmers, do on their behalf,” said Tom Dull. “Without the American farmer, the world would be a pretty hungry place. We take that challenge seriously and do what we can to tell the consumer how we care for the resources that God has entrusted to us.”


To help keep their farm alive for generations to come, the Dull family decided to diversify. First, it was Christmas trees and when Tom and Kerry’s son came back to the farm, they were able to add pumpkins and a focus on agritourism. The family is now three generations rooted into their Hoosier Homestead operation.

Even the Dull family matriarch is involved. Carol Dull, retired teacher, now makes wreaths for Dull’s Tree Farm. She was willing to try the art of wreath-making and now she’s fallen in love with it. She also enjoys having her son and grandson back home working on the farm together.

Lucas Dull loves being able to carry on the farm into the next generation with his wife Dana. He says that the farm was calling stronger than the corporate world that he pursued in college and having a career that changes with the seasons keeps the day-to-day work a surprise.

“Being able to make a living off of the God-given natural resources that we have here is a huge draw for us,” said Lucas Dull.

He also appreciates the interaction provided by the agritourism aspect of the farm. In today’s technology-focused world, face-to-face interaction is becoming far less than the generations before and the agritourism feature draws families together to rehash family experiences and traditions.

The family also participates in the community’s Trees for Troops program by donating Christmas trees to active duty military soldiers and sailors.

“Can you imagine serving in Afghanistan and receiving a seven-foot tall box that, when you open it up, has that Christmas tree aroma wafting out?” said Tom. “It’s just one little way we can thank our military men and women for the service they provide.”

The Dull family is three generations in and many more generations out.

“We always try to think about how the decisions we make today are going to affect our grandchildren and great-grandchildren, because we want to leave the farm in the kind of shape that it was left to us.”

Tom, Kerry and their family will be attending the Indiana State Fair on August 17th, and they will be featured in a Live Chat at 2:30 p.m. in the Glass Barn presented by Indiana Soybean Farmers and will attend the evening parade at 6:30 p.m.

Come join us at the fair on August 17th, 2016 to celebrate with and congratulate the Dulls on their hard work and dedication to Dull’s Tree Farm, Dull’s Pumpkin Harvest and Indiana Agriculture!

Feel free to like Dull’s Tree Farm on Facebook and visit their website at www.dullstreefarm.com


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