2013 Indiana State Fair Master has been announced

I’ve been coming to the fair for the last 22 years and there’s one thing I’ve noticed. There are people that love the fair and then there are people the absolutely LOVE the fair. One of those people is Mary Schwartz and today she was recognized as an Indiana State Fair Master of Needle Point.

This year marks Schwartz’s 50th consecutive year of exhibiting at the Indiana State Fair! One day I hope I can make the same claim about baking or cake decorating or some other exhibit that I love, because 50 years is an incredible feat!

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Schwartz stumbled upon embroidering as a compromise with her mother. It was agreed that she could continue to show sheep if she participated in an activity her mother believed to be more feminine.

Schwartz’s favorite medium is crewel embroidery. This is a technique that uses wool thread to create depths of color and shading.

“I like the feel of the wool,” Schwartz said. “I was a sheep producer at one time and so therefore I’m going to continue to support the sheep people.”

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Although embroidery plays a large part in Schwartz’s roles at the Home and Family Arts Building, she is also recognized for her hard work as the coordinator of the Antiques division. Schwartz said the distinction of being named a State Fair Master is a big highlight as she joins the ranks of the many distinguished and talented people that preceded her.

“It is really an honor to be recognized for the state,” she said. “You stop and think about how many exhibitors are on this campus at one time, and to be singled out and saying, ‘we recognize you for your years of servitude to us’ – it’s a big thing.”


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